ROTC Takes First Place Overall

Blue Guard performing . Provided by David Bauer.

Although both Blue Angels and Blue Guard took third place in their individual competition, they won first place overall and came home with the trophy.

“[I feel]Relived, because getting ready for competitions is very stressful and chaotic,” executive officer Mark Mitchell, 12, said, “But once finish the competition it’s done and over with and we can put our eyes on our next goal which in this case is our next competition South West.”

No matter what activity someone is competing in they are bound to get nervous or excited before they actually compete.

“I always get nervous before a competition but like with anything else, I’m sure basketball and football players get in their own mode where you just kind of calm down right before you go out there,” commander of Blue Guard Cesar Estrada, 11, said. “I listen to music and I dumb things down to the point where I like not that I don’t care about it but to the point where its not a big deal.”

Throughout all the nerves and excitement going around the team managed to overcome it all and bring home the trophy.

“It feels good because it shows that we worked hard,” Ashe Rodriguez, 12, said.

While the ROTC teams won their competition its because of all the hard work and dedication the team puts in throughout the school year.

“The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ thats really true, like the amount of time we put into it, it’s really rewarding when we come back with trophies, so it really helps,” Estrada, said.



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