Replay: Zendaya

Zendaya a Disney Channel star from Shake It Up is now pursuing her career in music.Her new song Replay is a burst of energy, with her slick dance moves and contagious smiles.She nailed the choreography and made the viewers fall in love with the upbeat song.

Although people can’t take the song off repeat, the music video did not meet the standards.The cheesy story line and lack luster lighting made the music video fall short.The fog in the video made it hard for the viewers to understand what was going on. Also, the lighting was really dark and not as clear as it could have been. If they would of filmed in an area with more light then it would of been better for the viewers to see what was actually happening in each scene. Overall, the song and amazing dance moves made up for the music video.

Zendaya’s debut album
Photo by Ileesa Ramirez



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