Senior Farewell

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My first memory of Mac is seeing the stone head of General Douglas MacArthur at the front of the school. It wasn’t smiling or welcoming or friendly, it was just there. I remember the people were giants and I constantly mistook upperclassmen for parents or other adults. They were seniors who had it all together, ready for the real world.

Mac has become like a second home. The last four years, I’ve experienced and grown so much. Cellos, Shakespeare, track meets, Blue Angels (Louisville and Daytona), comment ca-va?, FBLA (donuts), Interact Club!, PROM, 8 AM exams, hard chicken nuggets, What happened at the NHS meeting?, parody projects, Thet is amazing, Bye Bye Birdie, processed poop……

Four years later, I still look like a freshman and feel like I did then. In the real world, do people all look like “the head” at the front of the school? When I don’t have lunch money, the lunch lady won’t cheerfully say, “Oh yes, go on ahead Miss Alls, remember your money tomorrow.” The bus won’t wait and I won’t have the liberty to try something and fail again and again. And again.

We never imagined we would be in San Antonio for ten years, but I’m glad we are. I appreciate all the wonderful educators who helped get me this far. I am extremely grateful for the greatest parents for raising me right. They taught me to trust God and work hard, which is just what I’ll do.

Maybe I am ready for the real world. It’s a different world; unfamiliar and intimidating. But, oddly, I’m excited. Excited and anxious about everything it entails. I’ll never forget that stone head and what it represents for me now. Four years of stress, happiness, struggle, friendships, long-nights and accomplishments. As I say farewell to General Douglas MacArthur, I feel pretty good. I’m a graduating senior about to enter the real world.




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