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No one ever really likes to get out of their summer habits, but there comes a time when we all need to realize that we have to get up and get ready for school. It’s a stressful feeling having to change your sleep schedule, from going to sleep at four a.m. then waking up at noon to having to go to sleep early and wake up around seven a.m., but know you are not the only one. Here are five tips to get back on track for the school year:


The multiple alarms you need for school. Photo by: Kayla Gunn
The multiple alarms you need for school. Photo by Kayla Gunn

1. Set multiple alarms:

Setting multiple alarms insures that you not only wake up but that you also get to school on time. This does not mean to set an alarm for three a.m., it just means that if you’re a little slower in the morning you should set an alarm for at least 30 min. or an hour  earlier than you normally would wake up. This way you have enough time to get ready, eat breakfast (the most important meal of the day),  and ensure you will get to school on time.


Dress normal not lazy. Photo by: Stephanie Smith
Dress normal not lazy. Photo by Stephanie Smith

2. Make sure you change into normal clothes (Do NOT come in your pajamas):

Making sure you are dressed appropriately gives you the security that no one will have the chance to see you in your underwear, if that’s all you sleep in, plus it shows that you are ready to learn and take responsibility  for your actions at school. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. The way you dress reflects you not only the way you feel but also the way you feel about school, because honestly would you go to work in your pajamas if you have a job? No, you wouldn’t because you have responsibilities at your workplace, so what makes your responsibilities at school any different from those at your work?


Due Dates. Photo by: Stephanie Smith
Due Dates. Photo by Stephanie Smith

3. Keep up with test/assignment dates:

Keeping up with test/assignment dates seems silly, but, honestly, you will improve your grades if you give yourself time to study, and that is more important than hanging out with friends or sitting around doing nothing anyway. Knowing when tests or assignments are due will make your life easier, so try to keep up with the due dates if it’s possible because it comes hand in hand throughout your high school years.


Have the proper supplies! Photo by:Stephanie Smith
Have the proper supplies! Photo by Stephanie Smith

4. Make sure you have everything you need:

Having everything you need for the school day, or even the whole year, is probably the most important thing. Not everyone is going to supply you with paper, pencils, or even an eraser, especially since you are in high school and should be old enough to remember the essentials for school. Also, not coming prepared for the day can either cause you to fall behind on notes or become that one kid who always needs to borrow something from someone. So do not be a fool and forget your stuff, be cool and bring the necessities.


Skipping is not hip. Photo by Stephanie Smith
Skipping is not hip. Photo by Stephanie Smith

5. Don’t skip (its not hip):

We all have that one friend who decides to skip school just because they do not like their teacher, did not do their homework, do not like the class, or even just because they are tired, but honestly it is not hip. In fact, it affects your grades and if you skip a lot it could prevent you from getting credit in your class. So just because your friend thinks it is hip, remember, it is not. Think of it this way: if your friend decided to jump off a bridge, would you do it just because they are your friend? No, you would try to stop your friend. So stop them from jumping this bridge (skipping)!


There you have it from me to you, the five most important things to know in order to get you back into the regular and successful school mode. Also, do not forget to make your high school years as memorable as possible, because it only happens once!

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