Thai Dee- the place to be

Thai Dee, a vietnamese restaurant located on Blanco road is a fantastic example of Asian food done right.

There is a really nice vibe to the restaurant. When you walk in, the decorations adorning the walls give the room a great personality. As if you’re actually in Vietnam and you’re about to stuff your face full of delicious curry.

Unlike some asian restaurants, Thai Dee sticks to the traditional courses. The egg rolls served are like no other and provide a good representation of honest healthy cooking.

Photo by Sahira Zuniga
Photo by Sahira Zuniga

Unfortunately the establishment can sometimes mess up the shrimp, from my experiences, they can make the course kind of squishy. But all together they serve consistently great food.

I have had the curry fried rice (honestly the best meal I’ve ever had in my life), the claypot, fresh spring rolls, pad see ewe, pad thai, and lemongrass chicken. All of which are amazingly satisfying courses.

With a helpful staff that never smothers and a laid back casual aura, Thai Dee is the place to be when it comes to Vietnamese food.


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