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With the new hands free law this year, students have to face their worst fear of not using their electronics while driving.

With 34% of teenagers admitting to texting while driving, the law seem even more important then before.

“I think it is good because it will make the road safer,” senior Arthur Mendez said.

The fine for violations is around $200, which encourages drivers to drive safely.

Justin driving while on the phone. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez
Justin driving while on the phone. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez

“I think that is reasonable considering that if you are using your phone, you are distracted [and] not only are you putting your life and the life of others in your car at risk,”sophomore Sarah Conner said. “You’re also putting the other people on the roads life in danger if you are distracted.”

Although the new law has some good points, not all problems can be solved with one solution.

“I would make [the law] apply to more situations,” Mendez said. “Like you can use your phone when you are completely stopped, but once your car starts moving you can’t have your phone out.”

Even if there could be some improvements, over all the view on the new law can be seen as positive.

“I believe it will keep the road safe for a while, but then again you try to make something idiot proof and the world just creates better idiots,” Conner said.

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