Band Playing To The Top

Winning in all categories, band earned first place in their division when they competed in US Bands at Unicorn Stadium on Oct. 3.

Mac playing at NEISD Fall Festival
Mac playing at NEISD Fall Festival
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“We did really well,”  junior Bethany Lockett said. “I think we performed to the best of our ability.”

Several bands came to compete and all had different performance parts that people enjoyed.

“My favorite part of the show would probably be our ballad at the very end,” Lockett said. “We march very slow and we play very loud.”

To perform the way they do, the band practices every week to improve.

“They’re long and they’re hard and hot and they’re tiring, but they’re definitely worth it.” Lockett said.

The long practices seem to be paying off for band, as they participated in the NEISD Fall Festival on Wednesday.

“I think we really did make a name for ourselves cause it’s hard being a really small band compared to some,” Lockett said. “[Usually schools have] 300 to 400 member bands, having about eighty people on the field. It’s a big difference but we really did, we really did make our mark.” 

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