Traffic Jammer

The school’s parking lot is one of the hardest places to get out of at the end of the day. The chaos during this period comes from student drivers becoming impatient and trying to cut through, a low number of faculty members helping the flow of traffic, and jaywalkers stopping traffic in order to cross the street.

While trying to get home you can see the struggle of being trapped in the middle of the whole situation. Students drivers at school who leave their car in the school’s parking lot can understand that it is obviously hard to get out of.

An issue that is not helping is how there are not enough staff members helping traffic. There is only one faculty member helping the traffic, unfortunately she is short on helpers.

Although there is a crosswalk there are still students jaywalking, causing cars to halt traffic for a longer amount of time. There are drivers trying to exit and they can not because of these students.

Usually there are parked cars blocking vehicles from leaving a parking spot, causing the wait to become longer than it should be. Cars cut across the Walmart and CVS parking lot every day though it is noticeably posted and enforced by employees that vehicles should not cut through those parking lots to avoid traffic.

Mac Parking lot by: Nastasha Vallejo

However understandable and seemingly logical it is, drivers cutting in between and around cars in order to get home faster is not fair to all the others that wish they could do the same thing. Putting someone in danger just because you’re annoyed you cannot get home as fast as you wish you could is not enough legal reason to add to the mess of traffic that already exists.

A few solutions to the situation are, if there were a couple more faculty members guiding the traffic and guiding students safely through the parking lot unharmed. But a problem with getting more staff is that not many staff are available due to personal stuff, meetings, or practices. The security guards are helping a great amount by driving up and down the road making sure there aren’t students jaywalking and putting themselves in danger.

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