Q and Sleigh: Christmas Edition ft. Diana Cerros

Everyone loves a good Christmas story (at least I hope everyone does). So enjoy this light-hearted and well-meaning Q and Sleigh in preparation for the holidays.

1. What’s your favorite Christmas song?

“None, they’re all annoying. I wish they weren’t played for three months, if they didn’t I’d probably like them more.”

2. Out of The Grinch, Santa Claus, and the reindeer that ran over some kids grandma, who is your favorite icon of the season?

“The reindeer. He seems more in tune with himself.”

3. How many times have you gotten a gift you don’t like but pretended to still enjoy it?

“I don’t think that’s ever happened because I like everything people give me.”

4. Have you ever gotten sick eating any questionable food your great aunt Blanche brought to the party?

“Once. It was a really weird consistency for food.. I don’t know why I ate it to begin with.”

5. How many times do you think it’s acceptable to play “All I want for Christmas is You” in the mall before December 25th?

“Never. It’s as simple as that.”

6. Is there an acceptable type of ugly sweater during Christmas?

“Lebron James sweater.”

7. Do you even care about this holiday?


8. How many times have you given someone a gift that you pretended to buy but really just found laying around in your room?

“Never because I’m not mean.”

9. Why do you think old ladies get so excited for Christmas? Is it because their children are forced to see them again?

“Because they’re old and they have nothing else to be excited about.”

10. Finally, who is the baddest babe during Christmas: Mrs. Claus, Mrs. Claus, or Mrs. Claus?

“There’s an obvious answer to that question.. me.”

Diana Cerros posing for the camera. Photo by Catherine Hittson.
Diana Cerros posing for the camera. Photo by Catherine Hittson.
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