Patriots vs Falcons Q&A

On Sunday Feb. 5 the Super Bowl took place at NRG stadium in Houston, Texas. New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons with a score of 34-28.

Junior Cameron Acker supported the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51.

Q: What did you think of the Super Bowl and why?

“It was garbage at first but started getting real juicy towards the end, I was about to turn the TV off but continued watching. “

Q: What is your opinion on the Patriots this year?

“This year I didn’t think they’d do as good but they did and I was amazed by how the finished the game.”

Q: Why did you chose to support the Patriots?

“I have always been a huge fan off them ever since I was little, I thought they were going to lose but they didn’t. They never prove their fans wrong”

Q: Where did you chose to watch and which quarter was more eye catching to you?

“I was at work while the game started but I later then started bugging my manager to let me come home and he did, aside from that the most interesting quarter was the third.”

Q: If you could play for one of the teams which would you chose and why?

“If I could play for any team I’d definitely chose the Patriots because you can’t be a good receiver if you don’t have a good quarter back, and they have a really great quarter back.”



Junior Cesar Chavez supported the Atlanta Falcons in the superbowl.

Q: What did you think of the Super Bowl and why?

“I thought it was two separate games because the two halves were completely different from each other.”

Q: What’s your opinion on the Falcons this year?

“This year the Falcons could have done better but I still believe they did great, I thought this was going to be their big win and it wasn’t but thats okay the’ll get them next time”

Q: Why did you chose to cheer on the Falcons?

“Most of my cousins and family are from Atlanta so that’s basically why I chose to root for their team.”

Q: What was your opinion on the half time performance?

“Lets just say in my opinion Lady GaGa could have been better.”

Q:  How do you think Atlanta did over all after there loss?

“They didn’t do so bad but over all they gave it their best and that’s all the matters, and I’m still a fan of them.”


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