Pink Out Hits Home

The waiting room smells of lemon cleanser and the chairs are made of uncomfortable plastic. The appointment was for something completely different, but the shock and disbelief is caused from something else. Devastation seems to fill the room and unshed tears wait to spill. Something no one ever wants or expects to hear seems to be ringing in her ears, bouncing of the walls, “you have breast cancer”.

Mrs. Brandy Weaver, a counselor at school and a major breast cancer awareness advocate was diagnosed with breast cancer after noticing a lump two months before.

“I participated in several Susan G. Komen walks,” Mrs. Weaver said. “I always go to the Pink Out game and we dress out as a family.”

After she was diagnosed, the entire Weaver family had to change their schedule to accommodate the many appointments and treatments that were scheduled.

“I’m very young and it’s not normal to be diagnosed with breast cancer at this age,” Mrs. Weaver said. “It was very unexpected and pretty much devastating.”


After being diagnosed Mrs. Weaver decided to start cherishing the small things in life and stop stressing about the little things, savoring the moments that she never took time to before.

“I really take time to try to spend quality time with my kids and not rush them,” Mrs. Weaver said.

Being diagnosed was devastating, but Weaver went to social media to share her story and hopes to inspire others with her fight.

“Pink Out day is more important to me, because I’m trying to use my story to bring awareness to other ladies that are my age,” Mrs. Weaver said.

Weaver knew she had the lump at least two months before getting it checked and informs everyone the importance of getting their mammograms and checkups.

“I just want to be a reminder to everyone that it’s important to go to the doctor,” Weaver said. “Cancer is out there and can happen to anyone.”

Weaver uses her large social media following as an outlet to share her story and spread awareness as well as provide inspiration for others.

“I’m trying to use my story to inspire others, no matter what they’re battling, to be strong and keep fighting,” Mrs. Weaver said. “I am already so much stronger as a person and know that when this is all over, I can conquer anything.”

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