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The internet is used on a daily basis. It is used to do homework, to do research, to teach, to share pictures, and many more. The world revolves around the internet. It has become more developed over the years, but less secure, too. It’s easier for hackers to infiltrate a system. It only takes a click on a link for them to hack social media, or even a weak WiFi for them to control its data. Technology security is very important to have.

Mac Computers from Mac. Photo by Karen Mendoza

Mac is jumping on board with the security. It is upgrading its secure system. The technology support technician, Mr. Fred Serold, is in the process of finishing deployment of windows 10 because it is safer than windows 7 which is what the school had before.

“We’re kind of in the process of getting it more secure for everybody,” Mr. Serold said.

The school is doing everything that is possible to be safe from hackers, but there is still probability. They can hack through emails by sending links to teachers pretending to be another person from the district.

“When they click on it then the hackers get in and they can do something to that person’s computer or get in our network,” Mr. Serold said.

Last year, a computer got hacked, but nothing major happened.

“We found out pretty early and we took care of the issue,” Mr. Serold said.

All in all, it is important to have good security at school because hackers can get personal information from teachers and teachers have student information, so it’s like a chain reaction. Hackers can get information from dozens of teachers and hundreds of students.

“If you do have something on your computer that’s really personal to yourself and you don’t want people to get it, the more security the better,” Mr. Serold said.

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