Get to know your Brahmas: Q&A with Elizabeth Beltran

Elizabeth Beltran is a sophomore in band.

Q: What instrument do you play?

A: “I play the saxophone.”

Q: Why did you decide to play that instrument?

A: “Because I’ve heard many cool parts are played on the sax and it seemed like a fun instrument to learn.”

Q: What is your favorite part about band?

Elizabeth Beltran. Photo by Karen Mendoza

A: “My favorite part of band is that I met many close friends.”

Q: What is your biggest challenge in band?

A: “The biggest challenge of band is standing outside in the sun for five hours.”

Q: What are you doing this summer?

A: “I’m going to relax and hang out with friends.”

Q: What’s your favorite animal?

A: “My favorite animal is turtles.”

Q: Where would you want to travel some day?

A: “I would love to travel to England.”

Q: What’s your favorite type of food?

A: “I like Mexican food.”

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