On the fence- campus safety

In further attempts to ensure the safety of the students at their high schools, the District has implemented a new policy that fencing needs to surround the campus, but there are already dilemmas with the new gates.

“I think the gates clearly delineate the interior of our campus the way we set them up,” Mr. Moczygemba said. “What we have done is made it where no vehicle can get into the interior of our campus and endanger the kid’s safety.” 

While the gates were constructed for safety reasons, some students worry that they may create a fire hazard. 

“The gates aren’t a fire hazard because it’s two doors,” Mozcygemba said. “Students going out push both doors open and then we have two lanes of traffic.” 

Other students have expressed to administration concerns about anyone opening the gates from the outside, but that issue has already been brought up with the company that installed the gates. 

“We have tried it, I’m almost six feet tall and can’t reach it,” Moczygemba said. “For someone to do that they’d have to have not only height, but long arms as well.”

The gates aren’t the first safety precaution the district has taken that students have tried to get around, and it always impacts the safety of students and faculty on campus. 

“We need the help of the students,” Moczygemba said. “This place is as safe as we allow it to be.” 


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