Phase 3

Getting students back into classes is difficult enough without a global pandemic. The phase-in process is facilitating the shift between virtual learning and returning to the classroom. 

Monday, Oct. 5 marked the first day of phase 3. Phase 3 entails more students returning to the school in addition to students having the ability to walk through their schedules.

Phases 1 and 2 had very few students in classrooms and didn’t allow them to walk through their schedules. 

“It was a lot calmer,” freshman Kibo Cortez said.

The addition of students and allowing them to walk around the school to their classes has made it difficult for students to always follow social distancing rules. 

“Honestly it’s kind of terrible in the morning,” sophomore Gianna Fang-Guzman said. “But so far in all my classes, everyone has been socially distant. ”

In an attempt to help students keep their distance, arrows have been put in place in hallways making the hallways all go in one direction. 

“I’m sure it’s beneficial towards the safety protocol, but I just find it inconvenient,” Cortez said.

Even with all the challenges students are happy being able to see their friends and to attend class in person.

“I like interacting with the teachers and people live rather than on Zoom,” Cortez said. “It just feels more lively.”


Phase 4 is scheduled to start on Monday, Oct. 19 if the COVID-19 positivity rate in Bexar county remains below 5 percent. As of Oct. 12 the county positivity rate ticked back above 5 percent. 

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