Is Daylight Saving Time Still Necessary?

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Every year we add an hour to our clocks (and unfortunately lose an hour of sleep) in the spring. On Nov. 1 we will turn the clocks back and get one more precious hour of rest. The idea of daylight saving time was famously first theorized by Benjamin Franklin centuries before it was ever implemented to save costs on energy consumption. 

Many states, such as Florida and Ohio, are pushing to keep daylight saving time year round with the Sunshine Protection Act. The Sunshine Protection Act is a law that if signed would make daylight saving time the standard time across the US. Other states, such as Arizona, have a more complicated relationship with daylight saving time. Most Arizonians would prefer to reverse daylight saving time as the scorching hot temperatures during the daylight hours make people prefer to have an extra hour of nighttime. 

Daylight saving time could also have an affect on health. The transition between daylight saving time and standard time has been linked to higher heart attack risks and more car accident fatalities. These effects are thought to be due to sleep deprivation and circadian rhythm, and are merely temporary. 

Whatever your stance is on daylight saving time, remember to turn back your clock on Sunday and enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

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