How schools are changing due to COVID

All of us have been trying our absolute hardest to adjust to this “new normal” that COVID has given us. Masks everytime you go out, social distancing, and hand sanitizer at every corner. But, what has been most adjusted, is schools. Schools have had to go through extreme measures to make sure the students and teachers are safe. But, some of the changes are possibly permanent. 


To start, most public high schools have changed students’ schedules to having four or three classes a day instead of eight in one day. This schedule mimics a college student’s schedules, and works better for teachers, so NEISD has decided they would keep this schedule for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year, even if COVID gets better, and all students are allowed to come back. 


Although COVID numbers in San Antonio are spiking, it’s predicted that NEISD schools will continue to stay in person, but by choice. If you feel more comfortable staying home, you can stay virtual. But, depending on if the numbers start to go down, TEA might mandate all students to return to school. 


Jamerion Estrada, (Sophomore), says “I feel like in person has been more beneficial for me with my grades. I’m a lot more focused in person than I was on Zoom, with Zoom I was managing my time a lot more, but with in person it’s mostly getting stuff done immediately instead of waiting.”


As we continue to go on with the school year and try our hardest to keep the numbers down, it is vitally important that every student, teacher, and staff member are being safe, staying healthy, and following the correct procedures so we can finish this school year as normally as we can. 


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