Fiesta Is Back

For the first time in franchise history, the San Antonio Spurs will have their famous Fiesta colors on their uniforms for the 2020-21 season as their new City Jersey. The Spurs unveiled the much-anticipated jerseys on Nov. 13 on Instagram and Twitter.


The new jerseys feature San Antonio written across the chest in royal font and the vintage teal, hot pink, and orange that gives off a 90s vibe on the jersey and the shorts and reminds me a lot of the Spurs 90s pre-game warm up sweats that players like David Robinson would wear pre-game. The Spurs will also have a matching Fiesta inspired court to match the jerseys when worn.


Spurs fans and players have been begging for them to bring the Fiesta colors as many teams in the NBA are bringing back their vintage colors and jerseys to use when overall vintage fashion is becoming more popular. I love new jerseys and think they might be the best in the league. Like many others, I was very tired of the camouflage jerseys that we have had since 2016 and I love the change.


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