Thanksgiving Day Guide

Thanksgiving looks different for most people around the country this year due to Covid-19 here on some tips to have a fun and happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.


Get all of your fixings beforehand 

Stores are always packed the night before Thanksgiving and oftentimes sold out of many things needed for Thanksgiving dinner, going to get everything you and your family need for dinner days to a week before and don’t forget your mask.

Stay home if you can

Like lots of families for Thanksgiving, usually, I go out of town to meet with my extended family to celebrate Turkey Day but with the circumstances this year my family has decided that the best idea is to stay home and celebrate at home if possible.

Watch the Macy’s Day Parade 

You can still watch the huge balloons, floats, and marching bands go through downtown New York from 9:00-10:00 a.m. turn on the TV (tune to NBC) and enjoy it with your family. 

Watch some Football

There’s nothing like eating Thanksgiving food and watching football with your family. There are sadly no college games this year but three NFL teams with Lions vs Texans, Cowboys vs the Washington Football team, and the Steelers vs Ravens.

Cook cook cook

Get to cooking all your family’s favorites dishes and deserts to get ready for the big dinner, or try out something new, try a new recipe to share with all of your family.

Eat your Dinner 

Stuff yourself with all the turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, and many more things your heart desires because what’s Thanksgiving without the food and family?

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