You’ve Got “Soul”- Review

This past Christmas break, Pixar released a new animated movie called “Soul”. The movie has gotten amazing reviews, sparked many great discussions, featured Pixar’s first African American lead, and this movie definitely added some light to end 2020 with. 


The movie follows a man named Joe Gardener, whose dream is to become a jazz musician, who gets lost and becomes a soul, and has to find his way back on Earth. This movie was cute and funny yet still managed to make you think about your overall view on the after life. It answered questions I didn’t know I had on what goes on after death and approached normally real world problems in a light hearted way, while still managing to keep it a kids movie and give a good perspective on life after you pass. It gave them one less fear they need, and I think that’s incredible. 


The movie has been compared to “Inside Out”, which has very similar aspects in it, and the movie even has a couple of easter eggs from Inside Out, such as an advertisement for the company “Brang”, which is Riley’s dad’s job in that movie, and the Golden Gate Bridge is shown below the Eiffel Tower in the Hall of Everything.


This movie was an amazing way to end 2020, and I will probably cry every time I watch it. “Soul” is available on Disney+ and Google Play.  


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