Love on Tour, Harry Styles

Girls screaming, lights flashing, and sweat gathering. So much anticipation, after waiting two years, for the best person on earth to emerge from center stage. Harry Styles finally came to the AT&T Center for Love on Tour

He made sure before the event to let everyone know that COVID-19 vaccination cards will be needed for entrance, for those unvaccinated there was also the option of getting a rapid covid test there or providing proof of being COVID free. There were people at the entrance before the ticket redeemer that checked you had one of the two options of COVID protocols. They also asked if you would kindly leave your mask on during the entirety of the concert. It was not only on his official instagram account but he came onto the speakers an hour before and 20 minutes before again kindly ask that you keep your mask on during the entire performance. 

Harry performed his entire album of Fine Line at the concert along with the Harry Styles album. And a special surprise of “What Makes You Beautiful ”, an original song from One Direction. He closed with the most energetic song “ Kiwi ” from the Harry Styles album. So if you weren’t already dancing you definitely were now. After he exited the stage everyone was still screaming in awe. It was sad to see him go, but just being in his presence was good enough for me. 

The opener for Love on Tour was Jenny Lewis. She sang a few of her songs, and blessed us with her beautiful voice. A very folksy tune but still balanced out with Harry Styles Rock-Pop.
Jenny Lewis
For the start of the show he kicked it off with        ” Golden “. The mood changed once
” She ” came on he really put you in your feelings for that one.
After years of fans throwing things on the stage he again caught another bundle of flowers, which was ironic because he was singing     ” Sunflower, Vol. 6 “.
Harry with roses.
Harry Styles hyping up the crowd for ” Lights Up “. Reminding you to know and remember who you are.
The blue light hit Harry in the most beautiful way during ” Canyon Moon ” capturing a sense of “BAM! Here I am”.
Harry Styles singing ” Sign of the Times “.
During ” Sign of the Times ” a big disco ball dropped during the song and lit up the stadium. It’s like the crowd was sparkling.
Harry Styles closing the show with ” Kiwi “. Spending my last moments with Harry Styles was something unexplainable as such an amazing experience.
An amazing fan dressed up as a watermelon slice.
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