Exams: 10 Ways to Deal With Stress and Anxiety

When exams start creeping up on us, most students begin to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Exams are there to grade how well students perform under pressure while lacking normal resources such as books, notes, and a phone. They also tend to cause students to stress, have anxiety attacks, and constantly worry about failing. We’ve all been there, so here’s ten ways to help you deal/relieve stress.

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Paper Waste in Schools

Classrooms rely on paper for everything from worksheets, to textbooks, to standardized tests. Teachers hand out hundreds of papers a week, and students throw away dozens. Because the average American wastes other resources daily without batting an eye, most don’t realize the strain wasting so much paper will put on the environment. While recycling is a highly suggested option, paper can only be reused so many times before becoming useless.

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Pink Out Hits Home

The waiting room smells of lemon cleanser and the chairs are made of uncomfortable plastic. The appointment was for something completely different, but the shock and disbelief is caused from something else. Devastation seems to fill the room and unshed tears wait to spill.

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