Raspberry Lemonade Cheesecake Bars

For the crust:
10 graham crackers
4 tablespoons butter, melted

Cheesecake batter:
2  8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup sugar
2 lemons, juiced and zested
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons flour
1/8 teaspoon salt

Raspberry swirl:
1/2 cup raspberries
2 tablespoons sugar


For the crust, crush 10 whole graham crackers into a fine powder. In a blender or a bowl, blend together the graham crackers with the melted butter until it forms a tacky form. Pour the crust into a lined pan and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside.

In a separate bowl, beat together the softened cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add lemon juice, zest, eggs, and vanilla and beat until smooth. Add dry ingredients and mix. Pour cheesecake mixture into the crust and jiggle the pan so the batter settles equally.

In a blender, puree raspberries into a thin liquid. Strain puree to remove all the seeds then add the sugar to sweeten.
Slowly pour raspberry puree on top of the cheesecake and swirl all throughout the batter to create a marbling effect. Bake again for 30 minutes (it’s okay if the middle is still a little jiggly). Then refrigerate for at least 3 hours before serving. Cut cheesecake into bars and enjoy!

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Music Podcast: Black History Month


The songs included in the playlist are dedicated to Black History Month.

The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy
Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix
Redemption Song – Bob Marley
Down To Zero – Joan Armatrading
Can’t Get You Off My Mind – Lenny Kravitz
All Night Long – Lionel Richie

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Voltron the Legendary Defenders: Season 2 Review

The Legendary Defenders of Voltron newest season was released on Fri. Jan 20. In season one, the creators finished the season with a battle between Zarkon, the antagonist of the show, and all of the Paladins. The battle resulted in the Paladins being separated and put into unknown areas. As for the castle, Princess Allura, and Coran were put into a looped worm hole that seemed to transform the little mice and reverse the aging of Coran. This is only the beginning for season two… I WARN YOU! THERE ARE SPOILERS!

Season two started off mysterious. One thing that was definitely great about this season was how much the Paladins connected with their lions. In episode four, Pidge had “became one” with the Green Lion and unlocked a new weapon which allows her to summon and grow roots from anywhere. (This comes in handy during a battle on a Olkari planet.)

Another example is how the Black Lion and Shiro really bonded. Shiro reached a deeper connection with his lion resulting in him gaining the lions bayard from Zarkon, the original Paladin of the Black Lion. Finally another big reveal was how Keith had unlocked the blade from the malmora and found out he is part Galra from his mom’s side.

And finally, Pidge got confirmation that her brother and father are alive and being held captive by some space bandits.

Keith during his trials to unlock his blade. From: Netflix.com

What I absolutely hated was not knowing what happened to Shiro. Why would the creators torture their fans that?  The season was pretty thrilling and would’ve finished with a bang if Shiro would’ve stayed apart of it. I understand that the producers need to leave the viewers on the edge of their seats, but that was awful. It brought so much pain to me especially since Shiro is one of my favorite characters.

Although the overall storyline was interesting, there were some “slow episodes.” I’m not saying that I want every episode to be an adrenaline rush, but there should at least be one “big” event in each episode. Hopefully it’s not like that next season.

Overall, I was moved by another great season of Voltron, I really cannot wait for the next season to be released. The revealing of unforeseen cliffhangers and new characters are definitely something to keep me. I’m interested in finding out how the creators introduce Prince Lotor, what happened to Shiro and Pidge’s family.

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Split Review

“Split” premired Friday, Jan. 20, with some theaters offered showings Thursday at midnight. The movie stars James McAvoy as Kevin, a man diagnosed with 23 various personalities. He’s slowly starting to uncover the 24th, after he abducts three teenage girls played by, Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cook, Jessica Sula as Marci and Haley Richardson as Claire Benoit. The 24th personality is the one that Kevin was afraid of unleashing, referred to as “The Beast”.

Scene from film were the girls are about to be abducted.

The movie turned out to be a lot more of a thrill than I visioned, and it was definitely interesting. A jaw-dropping moment for me was the way Kevin got away with the abduction and was never caught. Also I didn’t expect him to build a relationship with the girls with his different personalities. Out of all girl Casey was closest to him.

His whole mindset was burning with confusion as the personalities kept changing making the girls question who he really was and why they were being kidnapped. I’m giving this film a rating of a 7.5, because I hoped the film would have gone more into detail about Kevin’s past and illness. Uncovering more of what he was diagnosed with would have drew me in much more.

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Debate Podcast: The Stigma around Millennials


In this podcast, we discuss stereotypes around the Millennial generation and why it’s wrong to blame everything on technology.

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How To: Iced Tea Lemonade Cupcakes


1 cup milk
6 bags black tea
1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs

1 stick butter, softened
1 tablespoon lemon juice
a pinch of lemon zest
2 cups powdered sugar

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Golden Globes 2017: Red Carpet Attire Commentary

This years Golden Globes Awards was definitely something, from Meryl Streep calling out Donald Trump, to Donald Glover shouting-out Migos for making “Bad and Boujee”, to Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissing. However, something that is always consistent is the great, and not so great, fashion choices on the red carpet.


From: http://www.vogue.com/

Blake Lively wore a custom Atelier Versace dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. The dress was ruined for me due to the pockets on this dress. The pockets are just as useless as the front pockets on women’s skinny jeans. They’re just…there. Overall, this dress did not make it into my books.



From: http://www.vogue.com/

From: http://collider.com/

Amy Adams was wearing a Tom Ford dress and Cartier jewelry. I really like this dress because it’s black and it is covered in reflective sequences, but I can’t help but compare it to ‘The Shell’ looking UFOs in the movie she just stared in, Arrival.  Also, I feel like this dress along with the makeup is giving me a nightclub vibe, not really a prestigious award show vibe, therefore another loss on the red carpet for me.


From: http://www.vogue.com/

From: http://www.moviefancentral.com/


From: https://moviefancentral.com/

Sarah Jessica Parker in a Vera Wang Collection dress and Fred Leighton jewelry. Okay lets be real here, she wants to be Princess Leia from her hair to the dress she wore. It turns out that this wasn’t totally intentional and was just a coincidence. Other than the fact that she looks like Princess Leia, this dress is so simple and clean yet says a lot with the cut in the top and flow of the bottom. I consider this a win, as well as a subtle tribute to Carrie Fisher who had to leave us just last month.


From: http://www.vogue.com/

From: http://www.marieclaire.com/

Lily Collins wore a Zuhair Murad Couture dress and Harry Winston jewelry. There is honestly nothing bad I can say about this dress. The color of the dress on its own is stunning with the lace,  and the top of the dress is so elegant, it makes me so happy. Her hair in the high undo was a very good idea to show off the back of the dress, which was just as good as the front. It was a win on the red carpet.


From: http://www.vogue.com/

Sofia Vergara wore a Zuhair Murad Couture dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. The dress reminded me of something that Beyonce or J-LO would wear, and I don’t have anything bad to say about this outfit at all and for a 44 year old mom she is killing it. All the lace and sparkle don’t overpower each other and the see-through component makes it modern and hot. This was a red carpet win.


From: http://www.vogue.com/

Nicole Kidman wore Alexander McQueen. This dress reminds me so much of an ostrich. There is just so much going on with the feathers, the sequences with the wave design, the corset outlay, the spaghetti straps with the too long sleeves, the puffiness underneath the armpits, it’s all way too much. Another red carpet disaster.


From: http://www.vogue.com/

Olivia Culpo wore a Zuhair Murad Couture dress and Rubeus Milano clutch. I absolutely love this look. The makeup, the hair, and the dress all complement each other and go together so well. Another win for the red carpet.

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Unconventional Holiday Playlist

  1. The Kinks – Father Christmas
  2. The Raveonettes – The Christmas Song
  3. The Ramones – Merry Christmas
  4. Weezer – The Christmas Song
  5. Pearl Jam – Let Me Sleep
  6. Yellowcard – Christmas Lights
  7. The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping
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Strange Things in 2016 that Actually Happened

  1. A reality show host became the President of the United States

As most of us know, Donald Trump was elected president after the electoral college ruled in his favor against Hilary Clinton. Throughout the race, many people discredited him and tossed the idea of his presidency aside. But, to some, that is the reason in itself why he continued, and flourished in the way he did.

2. A bunch of celebrities died

Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Alan Thicke, Christina Grimmie, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, Anton Yelchin, Florence Henderson, Fidel Castro, Nancy Reagan, Pat Harrington, John Glenn, Ron Glass, Sharon Jones, Elie Wiesel, Leonard Cohen and a multitude of other people died as well. Unfortunately, they’re dead, so we can’t get an interview, but I’m sure they would all say ‘Live Your Dreams’.

Clown captured in Manchester, UK.

Clown captured in Manchester, UK.

3.Pulse Shooting

In Orlando, Flordia, 49 people were killed and 53 were wounded in a terrorist attack against LGBT and POC in a nightclub known as “Pulse”. The shooting was one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.

4.  The internet made a gorilla’s death into something it shouldn’t be

After a child fell into the gorilla pit at Cleveland’s zoo due to a ridiculously oblivious parent, Harambe the gorilla was shot because he had pulled the child and carried him. Since then, social media has turned the controversial death into a meme and prolongated the story for longer than it should have existed.  Many speculate that his intentions were good, but, who knows. He was a gorilla.

5.   Hurricane Matthew

A category five hurricane by the name of Matthew hit the southern east coast of America, along with the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, and Venezuela. In total, over 1,000 people died in this natural disaster.

6.   The Cubs won the world series after 103 years

No one thought it could be done, but it was, and the Cubs made sure we knew about it. After 103 years of never winning a World Series, due to a curse put on the team by a man who got kicked out of the game because he brought his goat with him. In a stroke of luck, they were able to pull out of the curse and finally win.

7.   Crazy people dressed up as clowns

Somehow a bunch of people thought it was okay to dress up as creepy clowns this year and terrorize people in the forrest or off of highways. It even happened in parking lots and neighborhoods alike. But of course, as mysteriously as these sightings occurred, it suddenly stopped.

8.  Gatlinburg Wild fire

In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a fire was started by two students that spread over the entire town and killed several people.

9.  Pokemon Go Launched

Through the nostalgia that comes along with Pokémon, a mobile version of the game was born. The process of the game is walking or driving to as many places as you can to catch Pokémon of all types. You are able to pick a specific team: Mystic, Instict, or Valor.

10.  Youtube sucks the life out of their content Makers

Due to a new update YouTube has placed on its content creators, the conspiracy that more and more Youtubers that aren’t particularly interesting to YouTube themselves have been losing followers and views.

11.  Vine is Dying

Twitter announced its shut down by January 2017, which is sad, but you know oh well. There’s nothing you can do.

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11 Christmas Comedies To Watch This Christmas Break

Christmas break is a time to catch up with your relatives, exchange gifts, dwell in the Christmas spirit, and stay home to binge watch all the movies and TV shows you couldn’t watch during the school week. Here are 11 comedy movies that will warm you up with Christmas spirit and distract you from the thought of having to go back to school in January.



From: http://www.eatmedaily.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/elf-2.jpg

“Elf” (2003): Buddy, played by Will Ferrell, was a normal human that was raised as an elf in The North Pole. He felt that he didn’t fit in so he traveled to New York, in full elf uniform, in search of his real father. After he found his father, he attempts to start a relationship with him while bringing chaos and Christmas spirit.


From: http://d12vb6dvkz909q.cloudfront.net/uploads/galleries/26978/a-christmas-story-4.jpg

“A Christmas Story” (1983): All Ralphie Parker wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder air rifle. His Christmas wish is rejected by his mother, his teacher and a department store Santa Claus, all telling him: “You’ll shoot your eye out.” The famous tongue-stuck-on-the-pole scene and the leg-lamp make this movie a must watch as well as a Christmas classic.


From: https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original//9SNO9BglZJgGTMOB5K4NVgecgX1.jpg

“Jingle All The Way” (1996): Arnold Schwarzenegger goes on his last-minute shopping trip, that ends up turning into a quest against other parents, on Christmas Eve to try to buy his son the sold-out Turbo Man action figure.


From: https://a.dilcdn.com/bl/wp-content/uploads/sites/25/2015/12/sleigh.jpg

“The Santa Clause” (1994), “The Santa Clause 2” (2002),“The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause” (2006): Scott, a divorced father, ends up having Santa fall off his roof and then is forced to take his place as the new Santa Clause. All three movies follow his journey and obstacles that come with being Santa.



From: http://www.wingclips.com/system/movie-clips/how-the-grinch-stole-christmas/gifts-become-garbage/images/how-the-grinch-stole-christmas-movie-clip-screenshot-gifts-become-garbage_large.jpg

“Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (2000): Everyone knows the classic picture book written by Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The movie is an exact, but live action, version that grows in humor the older you get.


From: https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/files/thumbor/FA0Yd_t_5XzyrZNdbB7aRp-IniI/fit-in/1024×1024/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2015/11/17/885/n/24155406/de7d6b0f610c4514_kevin-from-home-alone-grew-up-to-be-jigsaw-here-s-how-190369/i/When-you-realize-Christmas-dinner-burning.gif

“Home Alone” (1990) & “Home Alone 2” (1992): This classic series depicts two different times that an entire family has accidentally left Kevin McCallister home for the holidays while two robbers, Harry & Marv, are on the loose and out to get him. This is one of those movies that gets better and funnier over the years.


From: http://images1.phoenixnewtimes.com/imager/u/745xauto/7833255/film1-1.jpg

“The Night Before” (2015): Featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and Anthony Mackie, this adult comedy features a group of friends having to end their wild traditions as they enter adulthood, but they choose to finish with a bang.


From: http://www.20min.ch/images/content/1/7/7/17719900/11/teaserbreit.jpg

“Office Christmas Party” (2016): Released into theaters last Friday, Office Christmas Party is a new adult comedy featuring Jennifer Aniston, T.J. Miller, and Jason Bateman. These employees must host an epic office Christmas party in an effort to impress a potential client and close a sale that will save their jobs, but the party ends up turning into the next Project X.


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