Split Review

“Split” premired Friday, Jan. 20, with some theaters offered showings Thursday at midnight. The movie stars James McAvoy as Kevin, a man diagnosed with 23 various personalities. He’s slowly starting to uncover the 24th, after he abducts three teenage girls played by, Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cook, Jessica Sula as Marci and Haley Richardson as Claire Benoit. The 24th personality is the one that Kevin was afraid of unleashing, referred to as “The Beast”.

Scene from film were the girls are about to be abducted.

The movie turned out to be a lot more of a thrill than I visioned, and it was definitely interesting. A jaw-dropping moment for me was the way Kevin got away with the abduction and was never caught. Also I didn’t expect him to build a relationship with the girls with his different personalities. Out of all girl Casey was closest to him.

His whole mindset was burning with confusion as the personalities kept changing making the girls question who he really was and why they were being kidnapped. I’m giving this film a rating of a 7.5, because I hoped the film would have gone more into detail about Kevin’s past and illness. Uncovering more of what he was diagnosed with would have drew me in much more.

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Oculus Review

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at the beginning of a new era. An era where horror movies are no longer reserved for Halloween. That would suggest logic was used during marketing, and there is no place for logic or sense in horror movies. Which is where we are with one of the newest horror movies , Oculus.

Because the last horror movie that didn't open in October did great... oh wait. Picture from horror.about.com

Because the last horror movie that didn’t open in October did great… oh wait. Picture from horror.about.com

The movie starts with Tim Russell, played by Brenton Thwaites, being released from a psychiatric hospital 10 years after being convicted of murdering his parents. He is met by his sister,  Kaylie, played by Doctor Who favorite Karen Gillan, who is convinced of her brothers innocence and wants to prove that the mirror the family had was the cause of their parents murder. She convinces her brother to stay the night and document their attempts to destroy the mirror, which she got back through auctions.

In hindsight, getting this thing back was a pretty stupid idea, but, uh... oh look, a crack! Evil!!! Picture from Google Images

In hindsight, getting this thing back was a pretty stupid idea, but, uh… oh look, a crack! Evil!!! Picture from usatoday.com

Predictably, the mirror won’t break, and shows off different means to defend itself. It’s defense mostly includes warping the reality a character sees and hears, messing with both the siblings and the audience to try and figure out whats real and whats in their heads. Alone, that would make a very repeatitive and boring movie. But the film also cuts to flashbacks of 10 years earlier, showing what lead up to the night of the murders and the parents going crazy. The stories parallel each other perfectly, doing exactly what a movie telling multiple stories should do: show enough of one story to get the audience hooked, so that when it cuts back to the other story the audience can’t wait for the other one to come back, but in the mean time the audience gets hooked on the other story, and repeat through the whole movie. Cutting back and forth even plays a crucial role plot wise, as the older versions of the characters start to see the other, and even themselves, as their younger counterparts. It helps that both sets of actors are great, the kids also having a couple of movies under their belts.

"There's no time Tim! Your either a Disney kid or a Nickelodeon kid!" Picture from Google Images

“There’s no time Tim! Your either a Disney kid or a Nickelodeon kid!” Picture from nola.com

The movie’s end is a bit of a cliche, but considering the rules established in the film it made sense. Although it would be nice to see more horror movies with a happy ending. Interestingly enough, the word ‘oculus’ is never mentioned in the actual movie, but instead is said through rhyme in a trailer for the movie. The rhyme isn’t even in the movie, which is a shame because it could have been this generations “1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you…”.

Oh no! It got her in the... oculus? Picture from Google Images

Oh no! It got her in the… oculus? Picture from articles.philly.com

The movie is above average, with its own share of jump scares and fake outs, but the story is very interesting, and will keep you wanting to know just how this all ends. A must see for horror fans. 

Final Rating: 8 out of 10 ( Peak through the looking glass and check this movie out)

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Zombie Ant Apocalypse!

Zombies photo by famousmonstersoffilmland.com

Mind-controlled, decaying bodies trail the rainforest floor of Brazil, as much alive as they are dead. This epidemic has appalled the media world, shaken humanity’s imagination, and created non-stop nightmares which haunt me in the silence of the night.

Throughout cinematic history, zombies made a large impact on horror films. Children disguise themselves as the walking dead on Halloween, watch films starring gory monsters, and some (such as myself) spend hours shooting down “NAZI ZOMBIES!” in popular video games. However, the thought of an actual zombie apocalypse never occurred as a realistic possibility, until now….

Little, donut-like spores of fungi attach to the dead bodies of ants in the Zona de Mata region of Brazil and infect the deceased brains, forcing the ant into doing the fungi’s bidding….MIND CONTROL! When the fungi feels that it is no longer strong enough to survive, it will position itself so that the bacteria may maliciously spread after death; the ant usually dies for a second time while biting plants and other organisms.

Scientists and biodiversity experts predict that the fungi will eventually spread to mosquitos. Since this is a new virus, there are no cures if a human were to be bitten by a zombie ant or other infectious organisms. Instead of becoming werewolves, a new breed of violence-lusting zombies will erupt. These mosquitos will transmit the fungal disease to humans and the world’s worst nightmare will become reality: a zombie apocalypse!

I’ve already watched Zombieland at least 20 times in preparation and created a force-field of bug repellent around my whole block due to my ridiculous obsession with preventing zombie mosquitos from infecting myself and my family. Off! and Raid are my best bet to the blockage of monstrous insects.

Helping my obsession, global warming might cause an abrupt end or cease to the disease. Dry conditions and heat kill off the spores and disinfect their victims. There is much hope for eliminating the fungi, but those who do not believe in global warming are out of luck.  Stock up on Flame Throwers and candles just in case global warming is a fluke.

In the meantime, gather your canned foods, increase your flare supply, and join pacts (that include living dead experts) while you can. Zombies just might be on the horizon…..or are they already on the hunt….

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