Kicking It with Girls Soccer

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The girls varsity soccer team will take on the Reagan Rattlers on Feb. 24. The team is hoping that all their hard-work and pain is paying off so far.

“It makes me really happy that the team is like a big group of best friends,” junior Isabella Von Toussaint said. “I enjoy playing with all of the girls.”

The team this year has a lot of new players that are still figuring out their way around the field.

“We still have a shot at play-offs which is great,” Von Toussaint said. “I think we will get there.”

Von Toussaint said the team has only won three games this season out of twenty.

“The clashing personalities of the girls makes it hard at times,” Von Toussaint said. “But we power through even if we don’t win we know we put in our all.”

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No Pass, No Play!

Students involved in sports, dance, band, UIL and other extra curricular are anxious to receive their nine weeks report card. When viewing their report card students hope to have a sigh of relief instead a feeling of dread. The nine weeks report card regulates their achievement throughout a time period giving them play time. A grade above 70 determines eligibility for those involved in extra curriculum.