Debate Amasses Awards at Local Tourneys

By Samantha Sanburn

This past weekend, the Debate team competed at the Central Texas Novice Tournament. Almost all who competed placed in their events. Sophomore Brian Gonzales received the Outstanding Novice Award and took half of the awards for the city in Lincoln-Douglass Debate.

The previous weekend of Nov. 5 – 6, nine members of the Madison Forensics League competed at MacArthur high school. Senior Lee Leschber and Junior Ricky Legg Jr. placed second in Public Forum Debate as a team. Freshman Cody Holmes placed first in Novice Extemporaneous speaking.

“I really like talking in front of people and making speeches,” Holmes said.

With their season half over, the team is still doing well and giving the district a run for their money.

“I think they’re doing well. We’re having people break in almost all events,” sponsor Chris Mifflin said.

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