Bowling Competes at Kat Cup Invitational

By Marisa Soza

The boys line up on each lane with their feet together, ready to throw the ball. They make four or five steps, and, with the last step, a lunge. The ball flies on the lane and there without warning, ten white pins fall to the floor, a strike!

The boys and girls team competed at the Kat Cup tournament on Nov.14. The tournament was held at College Station in their Grand Central entertainment bowling alley. The top 32 returrning teams from last year’s state competition were invited to compete for the first annual Kat Cup. The top 11 boys from the roster were bowling.

“We’ve prepared to go up [and bowl on difficult oil],” stated Head Coach Paul Smith. “With team chemistry and ability we’ve got a pretty good shot.”

This past Sunday for seven hours the bowling team competed. Most of the five coaches were there helping to support and guide the bowlers at the big tournament. The coaches stood back and continued to stress to the bowlers that making spares will guarantee them to win.

“I think if we all hit our shots and spare, we win,” said Damien Leal, a sophomore bowler.

They knew even better that more than their bowling skills, their mental and team skills came in handy to get them to the next round. The bowlers were confident but humble at the same time because they were competing against the top teams in the state. But there’s no denying that they put up a great fight, ending the competition in the top 8 qualifying third. With the slick oil and different styles of bowling, it was anything but easy.

“It was a great team experience,” said bowler Harrison Jarvis.

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