News Faces: Joseph A. Williams

By Fryda De Alva
Perhaps the face of our administration here at Madison, Assistant Principle Joseph Williams is our new face of the week. However, he’s no stranger to the Madison campus; Madison has been home to Williams for more or less 20 years which he “feels blessed” for being a part of.

“I was inspired by teachers, I wanted to be like them,” Williams said. “Every teacher can look back at the teachers who inspired them.”

It’s evident that Williams adores being there for our student body and has nothing but important things to say.

“I’ve always loved people, and I never have a bad day. I feel like I’m blessed,” Williams said.

The intelligent yet humble Williams shares some advice for students that strive to become an assistant principle or someone of equal power.

“Take as much advantage of your education as possible, get in a good liberal arts university. Find out early it’s what you want to do. Being a good assistant principle is something you’re born with,” Williams said.

“It’s a good year,” shares Williams as he goes on about the feeling of this year and how he sees our students taking a change for the better. “There’s no bad here, everybody gets better. I see students trying to improve and enjoy their life,” said Williams. “Teachers worry about you!”

Although Williams has made it this far, he like many others would change some things for the better.

“I would have gotten more computer training in college, and gone into administration sooner,” Williams said. “My goal is to make every students’ high school education as rewarding and fulfilling as possible. Remember, we are all indeed a family; learn to trust, care and accept each other. That’s what family is about.”

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