Socially Unacceptable Things That Need To Be Accepted

Natalie Bair

A lot of things fall under the social shun of society’s icy cold shoulder. Most of these things find themselves rejected with just cause: socks and sandals (comparable to the indecisive look of shorts with sweaters in the dawn of winter), pants hanging like the ongoing drip of parents’ internal tears, and chewing gum loud and proud, like some dis-harmonized commotion of a sloppy middle school band rehearsal.

Other things, however, face the fierce criticism of peers with depressingly unwarranted hatred.

Fanny packs. Just fanny packs. Purses, without question, constitute the bane of every girl’s existence – nothing more than a heavy, expensive, easy to lose, annoyance. Not only would girls benefit from this convenient little artifact wrapped around the waist, but guys would, too. Men face the unfortunate dilemma of stuffing everything they need in their bulky front pockets and if they want to carry anything more than an empty wallet, a problem arises. FANNY PACKS MARK THE SOLUTION TO THESE PROBLEMS. Society should make this happen. Unleash the hip hugging storage bags.

Why the world decided to prohibit the usage of Heelys (both socially and legally, in some places) will forever remain a mystery. Who could resist wheeling around the hallways, soaring down the circle, and weaving through the congested traffic of high school to get to class? All the waiting and under-breath-mumbling could remain averted. In style. Zoom. But no, Heelys lie dead in the past, a short lived miracle, buried beneath the rise and return of sneakers and high tops. Rest in peace.

Opinions vary from person to person, but one “opinion” that should not even make a debate, but instead should face exaltation as an undeniable fact, is that ANIMALS ARE CUTE. So how come people become such drastic haters on dressing up pets? Put that chihuahua in a tutu! Let it happen! Dress that kitten up as a hamburger for Halloween! Post that adorable nonsense all over Instagram; bless those timelines! The idea of people criticizing those who doll-up their already too-cute fur babies remains one of unfathomability.

People get this disgusting idea in their head that people over the age of 12 should not watch cartoons. What about animation sets an “age limit”? Adults, contrary to popular belief, do not need to give up fun. Fun for all ages. Let it happen. People deprive themselves on the basis of social obligation, but end up missing out on the little things in life, like Spongebob singing about friendship on a Saturday morning. How sad.

Why doesn’t society permit the things that would make life easy? WHY DOES SOCIETY BAN THE THINGS THAT WOULD MAKE LIFE FUN?

People need to band together and put an end to the needless suppression of wonderful things. With life being so impossibly short and unpredictable, enjoying the little things, even as weird as dressing up puppies in bow ties or as arguably ugly as fanny packs, makes life special. So go for it.

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  1. Amanda Montalvo

    So true ! Not long ago i suggested for my sister in law to invest in using a fanny pack, since she refuses to carry a briefcase like bag around with her everywhere she goes. she wasn’t so convinced.. She usually leaves her keys in her house, pfft that wouldn’t happen if she had her handy dandy fanny pack ! Overall, This was an amazing article !!

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