How To Get The Most Out Of High School

By Natalie Bair

High school finds itself groaned about under every student’s breath, with complaints about the forced cooperation at ungodly hours of the morning; the zoo-like conditions of parading around, class to class, in the confines of the overpopulated hallways; the mentally and physically strenuous tolls it takes on a body with thirty pound textbooks; and hours of studying, and just the overall unappealing atmosphere. Despite that, high school does not need to consist of only negativity. Fun awaits the willing teenager who just goes about and looks for it.

Socialization. Every introvert dreads it. Despite that, talking to peers makes for a vital part of the high school experience. As much fun as it proves to steer clear of the seemingly grotesque teenage adolescents, getting out there and making friends with the most unlikely of individuals ultimately leads to some of the best platonic relationships. Opposites attract, and broadening a friend group means new opportunities, new ideas, new perspectives, and new adventures.

High school offers just about any and every organization a person could imagine, from Anime Club and National Honor Society, to foreign language clubs and tabletop gaming. If the club doesn’t already exist, anyone can make one with the only borderline requirement that a teacher sponsors it. Join as many clubs as could possibly fit into the confines of a struggling high school schedule; make as many friends as a struggling high schooler can remember; discover as many hobbies as a struggling high school student can manage.

Who wouldn’t want to spend up to hundreds of dollars getting primped for some dance filled with nothing less than the awkward dancing of kids from class, the pressure of getting a date, and a perpetual line at the refreshments table? Except, prom doesn’t need to end like that. Like every other experience, prom ends up what a person makes it, as dreadful or as fun as one decides it. Preparing for the night can seem like a pain, but in actuality, it makes for an opportunity to get creative, rummage through eclectic boutiques and antique shops, play dress up with friends, and find ways to accessorize with the current year’s theme. As far as dates go, friends make some of the best, without the responsibility of buying a corsage. Paying them in goofy photo booth pictures will do. Beyond that lays the chance to not only find out which bookworms can bust out the best moves, but to find some new moves personally. Jump on the bandwagon and have a ball.

Spending four obligatory years in high school has the potential to turn out utterly crippling to one’s mental health, or the strong foundational basis of adult life. With infinite things to learn, infinite circumstances to take advantage of, and infinite relationships to build, these years pending adulthood fall nothing short of limitless possibility.


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