An Overdue Oscar for Leo

By Mommina Tarar

The moment everyone’s been waiting for finally happened; Leonardo Dicaprio won an oscar.

On Feb. 28, in the 2016 Academy Awards, Dicaprio won his very first oscar. In his acceptance speech, he mentioned the problems of our world and addressed the issues with climate change.  In honor of this amazing achievement, we are going to look back on the many Oscar-worthy movies (hint hint academy award) Dicaprio starred in.

 The movie that stole everyone’s heart, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, is an absolute masterpiece. In 1993, Dicaprio starred as an autistic kid named Arnie Gilbert. His performance was so memorable and outstanding, that people actually believed he was autistic. Johnny Depp, also starring in the movie, played Dicaprio’s big and protective brother. The movie is about love, family, and relationships and truly a work of art.

The time Dicaprio portrays a heroin addict in The Basketball Diaries was one of the best performances of his life. Jim Carroll is a basketball player and a writer who gets suck into the harrowing world of drug addiction. The movie is set around Jim, his best friend who is dying of leukemia, and his protective mother.

The classic story of Romeo and Juliet, known all over the world, sparked many feelings of enchantment and surprise. Their love story was so dreamy as well as tragic. However, two people giving in to love, and killing themselves because of it, provoked mixed emotions from the audience. Some loved the devastating story, and others did not. But, all can agree, Dicaprio’s performance was overall outstanding.

Creative Commons, Christopher William Adach

Creative Commons, Christopher William Adach

 The everlasting love of Jack and Rose was actually preferred more than Romeo and Juliet. The chemistry that Dicaprio and Kate Winslet shared in Titanic was absolutely beautiful. Sadly, for viewers, those two never got together and broke the hearts of many. However, they still remain friends to this day. Titanic was another tragic love story of Dicaprio, but once again his performance makes up for it, and he truly became a heartthrob for girls all over the world.

The 2013 version of The Great Gatsby, absolutely phenomenal some could say, was better than the 1974 version. It starred Dicaprio playing the hopeless romantic that is Jay Gatsby and Tobey Maguire as the innocent Nick Carraway. The movie deals with Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy, and how Nick is in the middle of this epic romantic drama.

Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the most influential and inspiring actors in Hollywood, and he deserves all the recognition he gets. Dicaprio in interviews is so sweet and such an open book which makes his fans love him even more. Now that he’s finally taken home a well deserved Oscar, the question still stands: why doesn’t Johnny Depp have one?

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