Social Media: For Idiots

IMG_4378By Natalie Bair

With great freedom comes great responsibility. Yes, this age-old cliche applies to modernized society. Social media, and all of its ever-changing glories, maintains an unwritten code of conduct that every website user should abide by.


Make that timeline shine. Social media offers a great landscape for expressing individuality. Ranging from decorating the feed with vibrant colors, ecstatic sparkles and fun group pictures, or regimented borders of black or white and a delicately placed array of photos and text, this digital outlet allows one to paint their personality on a virtual canvas.

Flood that timeline with selfies. In a world full of people always ready to put others down, confidence is vital. Whenever the lighting allows, the winged eyeliner calls, or the whim presents itself, just flip that camera to front view, snap a picture, or a dozen, and post it online.  Never let some bored internet hater shame the selfies away.

Remember, when scrolling through a social media timeline, that the pictures people post do not reflect every aspect of their life. That means one must take into account the small glimpses they see on a website do not represent the whole of their situation. As happy as a person seems, they, too, face the struggles of high school, the stress of family situations, and their own individual hardships. Beyond that, the limited sources of a social media site do not define a person, so withhold judgment entirely.


Save the drama for a llama. Or, just a real life, face to face confrontation. Publicly ostracizing oneself and hashing out the latest gossip for all to see makes for a disaster waiting to happen. Screenshots can take a minimal argument, and with the involvement of the limitless internet, spiral into some disgustingly ill-proportioned, out of context mess. Welcome, virtual anarchy. Welcome.

As beautiful as self confidence may remains, bragging proves equally as ugly. Posting continuous photo shoots of that new car, or snapshot after snapshot of every single Christmas gift, proves to go far above the ideal of self confidence, and just annoy the mutual friends a tone of over-compensation.
The internet makes for an exceptional place of opportunity, where people can expand their knowledge on the world and all of the chaos it encompasses. Despite that, it does not equate to a place where one can hide behind the keyboard and berate others for their differing opinions or life decisions. Putting grammatically incorrect rants in all caps and posting them onto personal accounts and the profiles of mutual friends doesn’t make them reconsider; all it does is make the sender look like a big, giant jerk face. Don’t act like a jerk face.

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