What Spring Means To Texans

IMG_9911By Natalie Bair

In a state renowned for its perpetual summer, Texas hides an infinite amount of little Spring-related gems. For those willing to fully embrace the (sweat-inducing) wonders of the pastel-infested season, the opportunities evade all boundaries minus personal imagination.

Bluebonnets. Bluebonnets everywhere. Although illegal and blatantly disrespectful to pick when on non-private property, taking advantage of the blue-petalled beauties proves easy and enjoyable. Jump in, become a tourist, take a selfie in the flowers–or take a dozen. Make some sandwiches, pack some snacks (or just pick up fast food, same thing), and make for a picnic in a field. Enjoy the view. Take walks on any or all of the available trails, just laced with walls of flowers. Catch butterflies, act like a kid, and try not to get stung by a bee. Make vibrant memories, explore, and appreciate the colorful array of flora that replace the usually bleak, brown grass.

With the presence of impromptu Texas meadows come the accompanying joys of allergies. Prepare for the constant sniffling, the painful hacking of all internal organs and minimal sanity, and the ceaseless state of disorientation. When days fall vacant and one is left to the tantalizing  temptations of junk food, the inability to taste one’s own food proves positive. Just pack a truckload of tissue paper and Claritin, grab some Cowboy boots and face the world.

Spring Break rolls around and leaves Texans with a whole nine days full of the absence of regimentation. Welcome days of unplanned adventure, avid procrastination of all life-responsibilities, and a turbulence of wasted gas money and splurged, and well worth it, expenses. For those who find themselves normally confined to their home-city, with the intangible obligations of work and academics, this times allows for a plethora of mini-vacations. Texas hosts many small towns, many daytime activities, and many places to explore. Take a trip down to Gruene, down to the overpopulated coastline, or even the around the corner to theme parks or downtown ventures.

Spring, as beautiful as it may conclude, just marks a perpetuation of the infinite summer. Summer, part three, contains a spritz of flowers, a handful of freedom, frizzy hair and humidity, and even more days to go outside and melt from the agonizing Texas sun.


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