Opinion: Trump falls; Hillary sticks the landing

   Secretary Hillary Clinton dominated Businessman Donald Trump last night during the first 2016 Presidential Debate in Hempstead, NY. Like, really dominated. Moreover, she seemingly wrapped up the race with a bow and set it aside for election day. But, shockingly, this just isn’t the case.

photo by Mike Maguire/ Flickr

   With ridiculous comments last night from Trump, ranging from “That makes me smart” on his not paying federal income taxes and “I don’t believe Hillary has the stamina” he said discussing the presidential “look”, it stands hard to believe he remains with a fighting chance in November, but he does.

   Clinton resembled a mother of a toddler waiting patiently for her child to finish their tantrum before speaking. But she also resembled a robot showing very little emotion; she receives a great amount of critique for her lack of emotional connection with voters and, especially, an almost nonexistent connection with millennials something Trump will surely exploit in the upcoming debates and election.

   Even taking into account Trump’s incessant repetition of the word ‘wrong’ throughout the night, he performed fairly well emotionally really connecting with his followers. His campaign bases itself on the idea of a reviving form of politics where normal people take office therefore furthering his connection with the blue collar vote. Not only will his poor temperament aid him through these next months but it might allow him to soar past Hillary. Trump’s followers share the fire in their belly that Trump withholds, Trump simply represents the face of their anger. This remains clear as he continues his juggernaut approach to debates, an unchanging affair since the first Republican primaries.

   Both candidates simply tested the waters in the first debate. The real testimony to their campaign will be the vice presidential debate on Oct. 4th in Farmville, Va and the Second Presidential Debate on Oct. 9th in St. Louis, MO.

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