Color Me Individual

Story by Gabriela Fernandez

Hair describes how people feel about themselves whether it be the color, or how one styles their hair.

This school year the policy for NEISD has changed to students being able to add new colors to their hair. The sky’s the limit — girls and guys can express whatever emotions or feelings they have toward their hair.

Sarah Guzman junior “I enjoy my hair very much because I can personalize myself in a different way on my hair”

The hair policy  states that “ Hairstyles that are considered to be distracting and/ or disruptive to the educational environment are prohibited” (Dress Code 87) With that in mind the new policy that’s been revised does not say anything on hair color only how one styles their hair.

Alyssa Garza Senior “When people dye their hair it shows their inner personality and i think it’s a great way to express yourself” also add on “I’m glad they changed it”

The way to describe oneself physically is by hair and by the NEISD policy they give students a chance to show how they really and truly feel by making a statement.       

Victoria Meindiola senior “ I really like that we can have options now”

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