Theater hopefuls try out for Sister Act


Story by Averi Creel/Photos by Marie Lanoux


Lights, camera, action – the spring musical auditions came. Students lined up near the choir room with excitement and anxiety, ready to sing their hearts out in hopes of getting a part in “Sister Act.”

Despite their nerves, students waiting said the atmosphere bubbled with support and positivity.

“I love music and I love being in the musical surrounded by people that like doing the same things you do,” junior Brittney Stainbrook said.

Waiting in the auditorium gave auditioners enough time to practice and build up courage as they took a shot at their favorite part. Many returning actors/actresses hoped to get another shot for a big part in this musical.

“There was finally an African-American part that I really wanted to do,” said senior Danielle Greene, who earned the lead role of Deloris Van Cartier, the part of the lounge singer turned nun  that  Whoopi Goldberg made famous.

Other lead roles went to Samantha Padilla as Mother Superior and Johnny Tolentino as Eddie.

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