ICU project has its “eyes” on kindness

Photo by Alec Votion

Mysterious posters started appearing in the Madison hallway last week — some blue, some orange, and all featuring a person inside an eye. Big brother watching you? Illuminati recruitment season? Turns out, they are promoting a new project called ICU at Madison that is taking aim at bringing more kindness to the campus culture.

For the rest of the year, organizers are challenging students and teachers to participate in simple actions each day of the week: Mondays, smile at a stranger and wave; Tuesday, “high 5” someone in the hall; Wednesday, look at someone and dab; Thursday, give an unexpected compliment to a stranger; and Friday, say “hi” to someone new.

“These simple things could really change somebody’s day,” said Student Body President Alexzandra Roman. “We don’t know what somebody’s going through when they walk through the hallway, and one smile or ‘hello’ could do for them for the rest of the day.”

Roman said she hopes the ICU initiative will reach students at Madison who are still looking for a way to feel connected, and really make the school slogan of #BetterTogether a reality, and encourage people to reach outside their own group of friends to include others.

“There are kids who are smart, but they feel like ‘I just go to school and that’s it’,” Roman said. “They don’t really have a place to fit in.”

The program will get underway the Tuesday after the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, with “High Five Day,” and continue throughout the year.


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