Could Student Section Changes Bring the Hype?

Picture of students from Madison cheer for the football team

Madison students flash the “JM” signal from the student section during the Madison vs. Brandeis varsity football game at Comalander Stadium. Student Council has begun designating a student section in an effort to bring more fan energy to the games. Photo by Alexis Muth

By Alexis Muth

Staff Writer

Football season is one of the most talked-about things in high school. Students look forward to the crazy crowds, warm hot dogs and loud band music. However, some students we spoke to say the student section could do more to motivate the Mavs.

Sophomore Vincent Ibarra, JV player, said he thinks the student section could definitely improve. What does he think is missing?

“Definitely music, and students interacting with the champs,” Ibarra said. “We should all wear the Madison colors as well. “

Other students say they definitely get hyped when Madison scores.

“My first reaction is ‘WOW, what a catch!’,“ said sophomore Harley Scaranton. “I will jump up and down and clap my hands in victory.”

Student Council president Alexzandra Roman says STUCO is working this year to make sure the student section is bringing the energy. This year, STUCO is coming early to games to set up a student section next to the band’s drum line to make sure students have a place to get loud.

“We make sure the band is there, we make sure we have people starting chants, we are always standing up, having a good time,” said Roman. “We try to increase morale, or hype it up if you will.”

Roman said future games may have t-shirts thrown into the crowd, giving students one more reason to get fired up for the games.

“I look forward to the band and seeing some of my friends out there playing, and being with my friends,” said sophomore Jenelle Saundures.

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