#SquadGoals: Cheer Sets Season Ambitions


Cheer group picture

Madison’s 2017-2018 cheer teams get together for a group photo. Varsity and Junior Varsity teams will both compete this year. Photo by Emma Villalon

By Emma Villalon

Staff Writer

This time of year, most students only see the cheer squads when they are on the sidelines of football fields, or leading chants at a pep rally. But cheer team members say that’s just a part of what they do. They also compete in numerous competitions throughout the year, even on a national level. We caught up with these athletes to see what their goals were for the competition season.

Cheerleader Megan Herrera

Senior Megan Herrera, one of the varsity flyers, practices an extension. “Our biggest goal this year as varsity is to make finals, and I think in order to do that we need to really work hard every day,” said Herrera.


Cheer Captain Jessica Lightning

Captain Jessica Lightning works on hitting sharp motions and always keeping a smile on her face. Jessica is also the STUCO vice president. “My number one goal for varsity this year is to let go of all our past mistakes, rise up to the occasion and not only make finals, but to hit,” Lightning said.


Cheerleader Chanler Cory

Flyer Chanler Cory, senior, practicing her gameday cheer stunts for upcoming competition. Last year, the varsity cheer team placed first in their division. “I think our biggest goal is to walk off the floor with zero regrets,” said Cory. Photo by Emma Villalon


Carolina Castro cheers

Senior Carolina Castro, member of the varsity squad, says she’s determine to learn from the past. “I think it’s important to know that even when you do make little mistakes, its not impossible to bounce back from them,” Castro said. “You should use your mistakes and regrets as motivation to better yourself.” Photo by Emma Villalon

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