Teens and Mental Health

Reported by Emily Gray

Mental Health problems are not like other health problems;  it’s not easily detectable in every case.

The number of teens suffering from a mental health problem is rising and the statistics back it up.

The following statistics for teens 13-18 are according to a 2016 poll conducted by polaristeen.com. I2% suffer from general anxiety
19% suffer from a specific phobia
9% suffer a social phobia
7% suffer separation anxiety
5% suffer from PTSD
6% suffer from a panic disorder
25% suffer from ADHD or ADD
11% suffer a major depressive disorder
14% suffer from bipolar disorder
34% suffer from multiple of these disorders

There are programs and people here at James Madison that can help those who are struggling with these types of mental health issues.

Mrs.Chandler in the counseling office handles crisis issues and host small groups with students about certain topics such as anxiety and self-esteem. The other counselors are assigned to students by the last name alphabetically and can help with less serious issues and can talk with students and parents to resolve issues. Mrs. Chandler also emphasizes that the school can help to find and refer students to outside of school counseling and therapy.

The school also does large classroom guidance, using powerpoints to discuss topics such as bullying, hazing, and suicide awareness. Teachers are also instructed on these topics.

Mrs. Chandler has worked on our campus for 3 years and sees students every single school day. She is usually busier near holidays and large events like finals. She believes student mental health is extremely important, along with all the staff at Madison. The students come first when it comes to these sorts of issues.

The school also posts a list of hotlines students or anybody can call for help. They are listed here.

National Domestic Violence Hotline -18007997233
Crisis Text Line – 741741
National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 18002738255
Transgender Hotline – 18775658860
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Hotline – 18006224357

These hotlines and the efforts of the counselors on campus can have a lasting impact on students, an impact that could last a lifetime.

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