A Royal Homecoming

Homecoming Week was capped off with the announcement of Madison’s Queen and King.

It was a different Homecoming this year, with a smaller than usual Homecoming crowd, as Princess Sabrina Sanchez was selected as our Homecoming Queen, and Bryce Terhune was chosen as King. Under a nearly-full moon and a half-filled Comalander Stadium, Madison supporters were treated to an exciting game and a memorable halftime show which was highlighted with recognition of the Homecoming Royalty.  Members of the Court were:

Lord Benjamin Castillo

Lady Angelina Vazquez

Count Dillon Stelter

Countess Rochelle Rodriguez:

Duke Christian Villarreal

Duchess Raelynn Espinoza

Duke Brayden Conkin

Duchess Gabriella Gomez

Prince Jeovanie Calderon

Princess Chloe Ky

Prince Jacob Peterman

Princess Rosa Williams

Prince Noah Lackey

Princess Gabriella Barajas



Last year’s Homecoming Queen, Jordan Allen, congratulates Sabrina Sanchez.

Homecoming Queen Sabrina Sanchez and King Bryce Terhune.



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