Mighty Maverick Elective Night

By Monika Garcia 

Wednesday, January 24th, was the annual elective night when incoming freshmen come to see all the electives that Madison has to offer.  Being new in high school could be scary, so Elective Night is to ease the incoming students by showing them interesting things that can do here.

Business Booth with new business teacher Ms. Fritz
Arianna Martinez-Garcia

“I’m excited for debate because I like talking,” said incoming freshman Arianna Martinez-Garcia. “I’m excited, but mostly nervous. I’m excited to grow, though,” she said.

The soon-to-be high school students are getting opportunities to experience new electives that their middle schools didn’t have such as engineering, forensics, journalism, speech, business, and many more. 

Forensics Booth

“I’m not excited for school, but I am excited for band and automotives’,” said incoming freshman Ethan Kinsel.

Watching all the newbies made some seniors volunteering feel nostalgic, and they remember what it was like for them when they were that young.

Theatre Booth

“It makes me feel enlightened and curious to see how this new generation will become,” said senior Pablo Espinoza. “I hope they continue their legacy and be leaders, not followers,” he continued.

Orchestra Booth featuring 1st chair Madison Band Clarinet player Ian Flores

Many fliers were given out that night, and many 8th graders left the Mighty Madison Mavericks campus feeling a little more grown-up.


Fun Fact: the Band and the Sports booth were the hottest spots of the night, having the biggest crowds. 

Band’s Booth
Sports Booth


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