Animals of AG

By Erin Rabel

The Agriscience Magnet Program presented the North East AG Fair, a nonstop showcase of animals and food lasting through January 7th and 8th. 

The first day was the first round of animal shows. The festivities began a few hours after school let out, so students could prepare their animals for the event. There were shows for cattle, chickens, and rabbits that night. Grand and Reserve Champions were awarded buckles and ribbons for placing with their animals.

The second day began bright and early for those who showed animals and/or were in the BBQ competitions. The animals being shown on the second day were pigs, lambs, and goats.

The rounds were split into market and showmanship. All of the grand champion showmen from each animal species competed a second time later that day. Between shows, the winners for the welding, building, and baking competitions were announced. The welding and building winners received a plaque and banner, the baked good winners received a blue ribbon, and the overall winners got a buckle and banner for their desserts. The categories included cookies, cakes, pies/tarts, brownies/bars, candy, gluten-free, and bread. After those awards were given out the animal shows continued with goats.

After the final round of goats was the grand champion show off where the grand champion from each species had to show every animal. The winner of the grand champion show off was Tori Moberly. The second day concluded shows and competitions, however a week to a week and a half later began an auction where raisers could receive donations from friends and family.

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