Mackenzie Wallace

Mackenzie Wallace, Editor in Chief

After the past two years of reporting for The Advocate, I’m finishing out my senior year as the paper’s Editor in Chief. It turns out that’s a fancy title for worrying a lot over misplaced commas and other grammatical travesties that may send the world crumbling to the ground, however, it also means getting to work with a group of the most interesting people in the school and I truly love every second of it! When the elusive face of free time shows up, I grab onto it to either further build my grandmotherly houseplant collection, hike around parks with my little dog in tow, or stay up late at night making irrational online purchases for things I’ll really never need.

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Noemi Rodriguez

Noemi Rodriguez, Copy Editor

I’m Noemi, I’m nothing but a burnt garbanzo bean. I love anyone with a BMW, rich men, and money. I honestly don’t know why people drink infused water because it’s seriously so gross you need to stop this trend immediately. I’m super excited to be this year’s copy editor because I absolutely love newspaper and our new staff! Other than that, I’m really plain, I enjoy plain things, they make me happy. I like concerts, sleeping and writing about things that make me uncomfortable.





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Ethan Martinez, Webmaster

Once again, I return like a soaring eagle. It’s good to be back in D12, informally known as the Journalism room, and still kicking it for one last year. As we gain new kiddos and a new advisor, it will be a fresh start for The Advocate. Many of you read this and think, “Why should I care about this,” or even, “Why am I even reading this, I have that thing due for Dr.Dungan and I can’t afford another late grade right now!” Well, give me a second and I’ll tell you, just be patient. Becoming a great society, personally, begins at staying informed. I see that eye roll you just gave me with and I don’t appreciate it. Listen, I am very aware reading may not be at the top of our lists, trust me it’s not at the top of mine. What a hypocrite right? The occasional full length Rolling Stone article and browsing of news headlines from my news app and it’s off to bed am I right? Let’s fix that. I want to start at making The Advocate a place you want to stay and not just browse. We want to make the stories about what relate to you and the environment you live in. I love this school. I honestly do, no matter how much I gripe about the no hat policy and that corner in the circle that clogs the whole hallway. I especially love the people in it. I didn’t realize that love runs through so many people and that we consider other students and faculty our families when we gain those kind of connections, first handedly witnessed by former class, and second handedly Mr.Mifflin’s awesome and quirky forensic lovers in the portables, and to my own frittatas who cheer me on with our musical endeavors. And I know that some of you hold similar situations. This is the essence I want to capture when writing. I want to show that Madison High School is the place people can humblebrag at graduation parties and to show pride in being an alumni. Some of you chuckle and say, “That’s a tall order.” And I always say that attitude is the first step, or something like that. So take pride, be informed about the school around you. And who knows, maybe reading will help you. It’s not like colleges like a literate student not such as myself. I’m also aware these are supposed to be bio’s but I hate writing about me personally. So to recap: I’m incredibly excited to work with the new talent this year, let’s all read in the new year, take pride. Alright, go work on the thing for Dr.Dungan.



Kristen Shaheen, Advisor

You may call me Shaheen. It is Arabic for Iron Eagle. I know, super cool, right?! I have two kids that might win a medal for their adorableness. I like to travel. I think internet memes are awesome. The Smashing Pumpkins is the best band ever. I invented the letter T. My goal for the end of the school year is to master a handstand. I currently have a B.A. in English for Education from Schreiner University. I will graduate in December with a B.S. in Communication from Texas Woman’s University. I am not running for president.  




Mikaela Arce, Staff Member

I’m Mikaela and I’m a massive, massive nerd. When I’m not writing or making videos for the Advocate, most of the time, if not always, I’ll be somewhere playing video games, on the internet or watching cartoons. I like to go beyond things like Call of Duty and Halo and find myself more involved in story-based games like Last of Us and Life is Strange. As an aspiring animator and filmmaker, I really look up to creators like Rebecca Sugar, Natasha Allegri and Pen Ward for their creative genius. On a surprising note, with all that considered, I’m actually not a hermit and love going outside and meeting new people. I’m super excited to be back writing for The Advocate for my senior year and I can’t wait for all the adventures I’ll have with the new staff.

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Natalie Bair

Natalie Bair, Staff Member

Yo yo yo, my name is Natalie & my last name sounds like bear. Natalie Bair. Grr. I like coffee & cats & Twizzlers & blue. Fifty Shades of Blue. My favorite season is winter, when it’s cold like my soul, if I even have one at all. I basically spend all my time outside reading and writing. Hence the fact that I’m in Newspaper; it’s my second year & so I’m pretty pumped. Go me. The end.




Ben Bucklin, Staff Member

Hey! I’m Ben Bucklin and I’m a blunt, determined political writer that enjoys dogs, coffee and fresh pastries. I dream to go to Seattle and enjoy a wonderful world of Medicine and amazing caffeine! Also I’m an avid fan of Sons of Anarchy, Shameless and Walking Dead.



Alberto Chapa Montalvo, Staff Member

idk what i am i take pictures of varsity soccer boys ,and dance girls. I’m Alberto, I’m a junior… Nothing really extraordinary about me. I’m openly gay, I’m pretty cool or at least I think I am… WELL…That’s it for now.




Joy Cooks


Joy Cooks, Staff Member

i am joy. i am a senior. i love dolphins.

sincerely joy





Mahala Engbloom, Staff Member

Hello, my name is Mahala Engbloom. I like Sleeping With Sirens, The Weeknd, and Austin Mahone. I love food and music. I’m a boring person but I can be fun. I’m am outgoing and honest person. I can be shy around new people but once you get to know me, I never shut up.



Gaby Fernandez


Gaby Fernandez, Staff Member

Hi my name is Gaby Fernandez  i’m allergic to most fruit, but i enjoy cutting it (I know i’m weird like that). I like to draw my emotions while I listen to music such as Tame Impala, Lana Del Rey ,and Cocteau Twins. Oh and I love, love, love Animals and Netflix.



Sarah Garcia


Sarah Garcia, Staff Member

ayyee my name is Sarah Garcia I’m a sophomore , But I love to go by the name Sarah Nicole. So if you can call me by that name I will love you forever,thanks. I love to surround myself around positive people. Because I can’t stand the negativity. I love meeting new people, Because I love the fact that you can find someone that has a lot in common with you.So don’t be shy around me okay, I won’t bite.(: a little about myself is that I like music , family, friends, cats, tacos , skittles and the color pink. cx I’m sorry I can be random at times but I can’t help it. My family, and friends are weirdos but I love them so much! I’m glad I joined this newspaper class. Because the people in it are really nice and fun to be around. Umm I don’t know what else to say , but to whoever is reading this right now I hope you’re having a great day,and always know that you’re loved and remember to always  be positive no matter what. Because a negative mind will never give you a positive life. THE END BYE ^-^.




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Michale Llanas, Staff Member

I’ve had to suffer through for these past seventeen long, dreadful years a series of incoherent wrong name pronunciations. It’s Michale. That’s (Meh-Kale) not Michelle, Mikaela, Makaylee or Michael. Please, for the sake of my sanity, pronounce my name right.



Kamryn Mendoza

Kamryn Mendoza, Staff Member

Hey wassup hello 🙂 I’m Kamryn, and this is my first year at madison… #Freshman. I like to read, write, and spend all my time on my phone… i know .. i’m so social. After high school i plan on enlisting in the United States Air Force (The journalism field of course.)  




Elizabeth Milliaman,Staff Member

Hey there. My name is Elizabeth. I love to play soccer and eat a lot. I work at the zoo and no you can’t ride the elephant. I like awkward jokes. If you ask me a question i probably will just stare at you. I love taking pictures so be ready. See you around!



Sabrina Olmos


Sabrina Olmos, Staff Member

Hello I’m Sabrina. If you see me in the hall I am short,but I am a senior. I’m a Fillie for the school because I really like dancing. I like eating food,cooking food and anything that deals with food I’ll be there. I am in newspaper just because I’m crazy and like to write a lot. If you come up to me I’m a real extremely fun person to be around and I won’t be rude to you because I like meeting new people.


Devon Overstreet

Devon Overstreet, Staff Member

Ello my name is Devon Overstreet. People aren’t my favorite, they scare me, a lot. I worship bands like people would their religion. My aspiration in life is music. I sing to myself, play drums and guitar. If you give me an instrument, I can most likely play it the first time I pick it up. Also, I’m an equal rights activist, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to start that with me. I actually live in Neverland. I enjoy a nice warming horror movie, and I enjoy obscure things. Something’s wrong with me, I’m not sure what either. My middle name is actually sarcasm, it says so on my birth certificate (that was sarcasm incase you couldn’t tell). Oh yeah, and black everything.



Haylie Schulmeier


Haylie Schulmeier, Staff Member

Hello, my name is Haylie Schulmeier (it’s a tongue twister, I know). I am a sophomore. I joined Newspaper cause who doesn’t love sports photography 😉 A little about me is that on Football Fridays (as well as occasional Saturdays), I love to dance on a field in hat and boots, or in other words, I am a Madison Dollie. I love tacos, reading, writing, Grey’s Anatomy, giraffes, and the color baby blue.


Mommina Tarar


Mommina Tarar, Staff Member

Hi, I’m Mommina. I enjoy writing and high fashion, therefore I aspire to be a fashion journalist. When i’m not writing, I am more likely to be listening to Banks, The Weeknd, or Years & Years. I am a big fanatic for 90’s and bollywood movies because well who isn’t? I’ve watched Gossip Girl more than 5 times and the tv show Friends is my newest addiction. I say funny things and make others laugh so if you need a laugh always come to me.



Mary Williamscoolpic

Mary Williams, Staff Member

I’m Mary and i’m your typical struggling AP student/athlete. I’m involved in a lot of stuff at school but newspaper is #1 tbh. My dog is my best friend and I think minions are a disgrace. I spend way too much money, way too much time on twitter, and eat way too many granola bars. Also y’all should talk to me now before I get famous js.


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