Robotics Club

RobotHey, you. Do you like robots and Legos? Well, the Robotics club is a club for you.

This is the 3rd year for Nimitz Robotics Club. It is also the 3rd year for Mr.Wanieck’s sponsorship. Mr. Saenz is also a co-sponsor of the Robotics club.The club’s mission is to have fun and learn.The club’s vision is to grow and learn and to make learning fun for the students.

The way you can join Robotics club is by going to the Thursday meeting. There aren’t many spots left; so be quick!

Some upcoming events include Meet the Seahawks and First Lego League (FLL) competitions held in February.

We start taking out competitions pretty seriously in October, so after the 15th we need to have the team pretty well set.

We had about 25 members last year, and will have about the same this year.

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