Do Reviews Matter?

Recently, I read some negative reviews about Nimitz Middle School, my middle school. I want to set the record straight. One of the reviews said, “The STEM students give the school credit,BUT Nimitz has deteriorted (sic) rapidly, ghetto, behavior problems, disrespectful, bullying.” Ok. As a student of Nimitz Middle School, I believe our students have respectful behavior around our parents, faculty, and administrators. While every school has problems with bullying and behavior, these comments do not tell the whole story.

Reviews are important to us because they tell us what others believe about our school, and having bad reviews can ruin our school by having fewer student register here.  Nimitz has a great environment for our students to learn, and  our students, teachers, staff, and parents need to write positive reviews that reflect this.  Our English and writing teachers should give their students the opportunity to write reviews as an assignment. Additionally, our journalism class is starting to take pictures of our school so that the community sees all the hard work and dedication of the Nimitz family.

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