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This article is mainly for 8th graders, but if you’re in 7th or 6th, you are still welcome to read and become college ready .

I was recently researching on how to be college ready , and I came across a few interesting facts. By the time my class ( 2023 ) goes to college, the cost of  a four year, in-state public college could be as high as $45,000. Now and days the cost is about $34,740.

If you can’t afford going to college, don’t worry! Scholarships are available that meet just about every possible need. There are academic, athletics, mathematics, average academic performance, minorities,women, creative, unusual, and community service scholarships . If you still cannot afford going to college, don’t worry ! That’s what FAFSA is for.  FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid . Students have to apply; they can’t just get it . You can go to the FAFSA site and look at their copy, and if you want one, print it !

You can begin your academic preparation as early as middle school. There are some electives in middle school which give you credits for high school and help you graduate high school.  A really good class to help you become college ready is AVID .

In high school, students take tests like the SAT ACT, and college entrance exams, which are designed to measure students’ skills and help decided how ready students are for college level work . A good score is about 600-590. About 50% of the students make a score of 530- 520 . Anything lower, and you may not get into the college of your choice.


I hope this information about College Readiness helped and if it did, i’m glad. .

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