Mr. Cavozos

    Mr. Cavazos is an art teacher here at Nimitz Middle School. Mr. Cavazos has been at Nimitz for 12 years.  He earned his college education at UTSA.

    Mr. Cavazos chose to come to Nimitz because  someone recommended Nimitz to him when he was searching for a job.  He had taught at other schools, but wanted a change. During the summers he taught art at Trinity University.

What got Mr. Cavazos into art was a simple interest test.  He had begun as a Biology Major, but the test scored him at 100% in art and 0% in biology.  His life course took a turn. 

   Mr. Cavazos started doing art when he was only 3 years old.  In his opinion, “the best thing I ever made is a porcelain anemone.”  For most of us, that means a “nemo house.”  He decided to become an art teacher because he loves seeing teachers influencing lives of children.  Mr.Cavazos is involved in the art club which meets every Tuesday from 3:40-4:30.

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