I recently asked some Nimitz Middle School students about Halloween and what it means to them.

“ What is the age you think that teens should stop trick or treating?”

Most of them said thirteen. There were  some that said, “Until they feel they are old enough, they shouldn’t feel obligated to stop going trick or treating just because others say it’s for children or  they’re too old for it.”

“ Do you dress up or just go as yourself?”

“I dress up. This is really the only time I can dress up and be myself,” said one of the students. Others said no. Personally, I’m going to dress up; I absolutely love Halloween !

“Do you prefer being a trick or treater, or giving out candy? “

Many didn’t know how to answer.  One student said, “I don’t know. I love getting stuff, but at the same time I love giving stuff “

My final question was “what does Halloween mean to you?”

Most of them said  it means to be yourself , to give and receive, and to just have fun 


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