Speaking of Winter

My breath exited my mouth

Clearly visible like my red rose.

I rub my frosty hands together

Creating the warmth that lasts just for a second.

I look around and see the trees trying to gather their fallen leaves.

All the bright color vanishing from their tips

Leaving them crunchy to the step.


And the sky?

The sky was a shade of blue that hugged the thin strips of gray clouds

Exposing the littlest pieces of sunlight that shined down on the crisp sidewalks.

The wind whirled around my body giving me chills down my spine

It hugged me as if it didn’t want to let go.

Sadly it drifted off picking up leaves

taking them on a never ending journey.


But before I could say goodbye

a white speckle of love fell onto my hand

before quickly melting away.

I took a deep breath and

swallowed the chilled air,

leaving my mouth and throat dry.





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